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April May June   2009    Volume 4 Number 2


APRIL 2009


Retirement Celebration for GASA Member 

Katharina Nysten

Forwarded From Los Angeles



    On Sunday, October 19, 2008 the German American  School Association of Southern California (GASA) held a retirement luncheon in honor of their longtime and esteemed colleague, Katharina Nysten, at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. 

    Ms. Nysten is retiring after having been an active member in the organization since 1964. She started out teaching German at GASA’s Saturday school in Downey and went on to serve as secretary of the organization from 1990 until her retirement this month. 

    Consul Lars Leymann presented Ms. Nysten with a gift on the behalf of the German Consulate General in recognition for her longtime service and for her efforts in furthering the German language and culture.


Consul Lars Leymann presents Katharina Nysten with gift from the German Consulate General


    Ms. Nysten was also thanked for her dedication and fruitful cooperation by GASA’s president, Rita Reiff, and Frank Müller, the Federal Office’s German Language Consultant in California.  

    Since emigrating in 1963 from Germany to the United States, Ms. Nysten has been an active and loyal member of the German community. Even afer her much deserved retirement from GASA,  she will continue to serve on the board of the Donauschwaben Club of Southern California.


Katharina Nysten joined by GASA board members, Consul Lars Leymann and Frank Müller


Leopold Mayer and Katharina Nysten



Katharina Nysten is a board member of the Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.


Katharina Nystenis also a contributor to German World Magazine


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