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October November December 2011 Volume 6 Number 4




Deutschmeister Brass Band Report


Forwarded From German Cultural Society, St. Louis



          We are half way through our season and the pace is about to pick up. Even though the Gazebo in Carondelet Park was destroyed by fire, we were invited to play in the park for a summer concert. A portable band stand is located where the Gazebo once stood, near the southeast entrance to the park. We have a new venue this year, the Gateway Arch concert series, scheduled for Sunday, September 4th, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM under the Arch. After that the Oktoberfest season really gets going. Check our web site for details. For the first time ever, the stork has flown over a member of the Deutschmeister. Teri Gudowicz, our newest tuba player, will be a mom this fall. More news to follow on this developing story.


          This edition’s featured member is Jim Fassero, our senior tuba player. Recruited 40 years ago by Dale Stanley, Jim ranks second in age and third in seniority in the band. He started playing the tuba in eighth grade. He also has played with the Belleville Philharmonic for 25 years.


          Before retiring, Jim was a history teacher for 33 years. One of his most memorable experiences was as a guest conductor for the Oktoberfest Band in München at the real Oktoberfest. We always welcome new members to the band. There is no audition required, but getting a microphone is another story.


          For more information about joining the band or booking them, contact John Ampleman at 636-532 0290 or see our web site: .


By John Ampleman



Jim Fassero


Teri Gudowicz

(newest tuba player)

By John Ampleman








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