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       Information taken from the book "Geographical and Historical Description of Komitat Bacs-Bodrog" (Szabadka, 1907, Volume V, pp 81-86.

1.    Old Palanka:    Coulter, ploughshare (possibly an iron plough), a furrow carving knife and an ear of corn lying upon another.  Superimposed in two lines the inscriptions: " B II " and " II C J "

    Used in 1774.

2.    New Palanka:    The coat of arms consists of two parts.  In the field a wood is symbolized by three big and two small trees.  In the upper field there are several trees along a river.  " Sig: Kum. Palankae ".

    Used in 1775.

3.    German-Palanka:    It is not easy to recognize the picture.  A reaper at work and close to him, ears of corn.  " Sig. Reo. Caal. Poss. Teuto Palanka ".

    Used in 1829.

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Translated by Alex Leeb

Palanka: Coats of Arms


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